AMD launches two new Bulldozer chips, FX-6100 & FX-8120 get price cuts

By Leeky
Feb 28, 2012
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  1. AMD has added two new FX-series processors to their range of Bulldozer CPUs using the AM3+ socket. At the same time, the company announced it plans to reduce the retail…

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  2. amstech

    amstech TechSpot Enthusiast Posts: 1,295   +439

    AMD doesn't need to snip the prices on Bulldozer, they need to SLASH them.
    I've talked with a couple of our vendors and those chips are clogging up the shelves.
    Only fanboys have been buying these and thier numbers are dwindling .

    Thanks god AMD's Radeons are doing well.
  3. As long as I know amd has good price performace ratio in the mid range, another story if you have the money and want to buy a intel solution for a gamming or video editing pc. Otherwise I don't know why would someone be unhappy with amd performance at their price point.
  4. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,677

    You're mistaken. AMD has no price point above $100 where using them in a system is a better choice, and below $100 it's hard to say who is better, but there is no real price point where it's a good idea to go AMD.
  5. In newegg the core i3 and a phenom II X4 960t are at $124, right now they have the same performance, the 960T can be overlcocked, it is a true quad core and the core i3 don't. Also, as a plus, I have that cpu unlocket to X6. That is to put an example. Their apus has something like 50% more graphic performance than intel.

    What I agree is than if amd doesn't come with something good they are dead in the future in the performance market. (sorry for the bad english)
  6. excrement !

    i'd eat bricks before i buy intel so whooopeee.
  7. Umm, Bulldozer is selling very well, in fact it's selling better than Phenom II what that was released.

    I think Bulldozer is pretty good, actually. It's just not a conventional multi-core implementation, which was a big gamble on AMD's part (one which may not pan out) -- but if the software begins to make use of it, which I think it will, we'll see some interesting stuff.

    I don't think AMD is really gunning for the top performance crown anymore, and frankly, I think it's ridiculous for people to expect them to try. Intel pulls down billions of dollars more than they do -- they just don't have the resources to compete with that. They need to focus, like they did with the Athlon 64, on what Intel is f**king up -- which is to say, graphics.

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