Anti-static precautions

By Nexevo
Mar 23, 2008
  1. Electronic components are very often highly sensitive to ESD, or ElectroStatic Discharge. Static electricity in your body, even if you are not aware of it, can easily damage a component beyond repair.

    When performing system component upgrades or maintenance it is advisable to perform the following antistatic precautions:

    *Use a grounding wrist strap. These are supplied by most electronic stores.
    * Keeping in contact with the metal frame of the computer is fine as long as it is earthed (plugged into an earthed socket but switched off at the mains).
    * Handle circuit boards by the edges and avoid touching the contacts or components themselves.

    Remember! The damage may not become apparent until you actually try to use the damaged component.

    I apologise if I appear a little patronising but I suspect some system failures that I have read in these forums are due to a lack of taking the proper precautions.
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    Yes I know Zeno but I thought it applied to both forums...
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    No reason to make duplicate threads in multiple forums ;). By that logic, someone with a BSOD should post in half the forums on the site.
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    Haha, OK, I get your point.

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