Apple reports best-ever quarter with $28.57 billion revenue

By Matthew
Jul 20, 2011
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  1. People really are suckers.
  2. MilwaukeeMike

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    well, not EVERY time. And anyway, they put nets up to prevent that now. (no joke, WIRED mag cover story a few months back.)

    To be fair, there are so many people who work in those factories that the number who have killed themselves isn't statically different than the rest of China.
  3. I don't agree with the Apple model of doing things however they obviously hit the mark with some products. For people who don't want to think, don't want to make complex decisions (such as what color to buy a product in) Apple is the company. They offer limited choices and only charge you a premium price for that ability. While Microsoft and Linux offer a variety of choices for lower costs.
  4. fimbles

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  5. If you buy a device from HP, Dell, etc. It is made in China
  6. In reply to darkshadoe:
    If you buy a device (laptop, netbook, tablet, etc.) from HP, Dell, others, it still comes from China,
  7. Too much profit and nothing better?...Thats FAIL!!! and it seems that we have more sheep (morons) than ever before. apple should be getting a lesson about creating satisfaction to the people but with that reward seems you better prepare for more shitty devices
  8. Blackberry's are not made in China..


    So there is still an option, just don't look at the playbook.. yeesh.

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