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By XCrunner16
Dec 6, 2015
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  1. Hello ALL!
    I have been working on my first build and I am having problems with VGA LED. I tested all the components before putting them into my case and delicately wiring everything. I struggled through the VGA LED and also I was having problems with the Boot Drive before I put the components in but I did get it resolved. Turns out I had a usb plugged in that wasn't bootable and that caused the boot drive led to turn on. The VGA LED turned off when I tried it with my new monitor. I put everything together in my case and now the light is on and there seems to be no hope. I tested the motherboard with another graphics card, and with no graphics card at all neither works. I also checked for smashed or bent pins on the cpu. I also reset the CMOS. Suggestions? Not quiet sure what the issue is...
    To be 100% clear:I turn on the board. all the fans turn on, graphics card and watercooler are both on, but no BIOS. Stuck with VGA LED on. There are no beeps from the onboard speaker.
    Asus z97-A
    2x8 Gig z-skill 2400 mhz
    intel i7-4790k
    H110i gt watercooler
    MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4g
    corsair 750w PSU bronze 80+
    Heres a video of the boot

    Video of boot after reset:

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