Avast 2015: Has This Become a Bloated Resource Hog?

By Route44
Feb 25, 2015
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  1. I installed Avast 2015 $ version on my Lenovo (pre-Snapfish) Thinkpad 430 laptop which is strictly used for business purposes. Ever since I find my load times, my internet access, etc. to be slow. It constantly scans for everything and anything which I can understand but there is no way this system should be this slow.

    My hardware is a dual core i5, 8 gigs of RAM, and a 320 gig 7200 hd.

    Anyone else in this community have issues with Avast's latest and greatest?
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  3. Route44

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    I downloaded it directly from Avast last summer (sorry, didn't make this clear in my previous post) but since then there have been a few updates. I don't ever remember Avast slowing a system like the latest offering does. My wife's laptop also has become slower with the latest offerings and she has been running the $ version for a little over 4 years now.
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    There are three scanners, mail shield, web shield and file system shield.
    I run Avast free and like it very much. However, here's my take on the three:
    1. mail shield protects you from email phishing et al and will quaranten any know virus'
    2. web shield protects you from corrupted or compromised web site loading virus's via ActiveX, Java and Javascripts
    3. file system shield scans, scans and rescans every program you run, regardless of its origin.
    The first two protect you from NEW intrusions while the third is paranoid on ensuring a program has not been modified AFTER it was installed.

    SO, you might guess I run the first two but not the third.
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  6. Route44

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    Lol, got ya and thanks. I will go in and tweak my settings and you perfectly describe what I have been noticing: scan, scan, scan, scan, scan -- ad nauseum -- slowing the system sometimes to a crawl.

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