Bad packetloss - can someone give this a look over?

By james_k1988
May 14, 2007
  1. Mate of mine has a Livebox e600 modem/router thing which he got from orange broadband. He gets awful packetloss when he trys to play games or so anything (even teamspeak). It has been roumered that alot of pcs on orange broadband get this problem, but i got a hold of some info from his livebox thing and was wondereing if someone could give it a look over.

    ADSL Top Refresh ADSL firmware version : A2pBT009c1.d17d
    Connection mode : G.DMT
    Type : Fast
    Noise margin (dB) : 20.4
    Attenuation (dB) : 55.0
    Attainable download rate (kbps) : 4288
    ADSL status : Connected [0]

    Downstream Upstream
    Rate (kbps) 608 288

    And he has 4 clients connected, 2 with wireless i think

    I know what attenuation,noise,etc is but im not sure on the figures, like what is good and whats bad. Althought i had a scan online and from what i saw that attenuation is pretty high. Could someone give me there opinion on this summary?

    Thanks =D
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 9,315   +618

    gamers will stress the ISP connection or the router/modem.
    your first action should to find the latest firmware for each component on
    your LAN.

    second, find the ISP gateway address, or the DNS address and then use
    run->cmd /k pathping $the-address-noted

    this will sample the entire path to the address and note reliability numbers as
    %packet loss (should be zero :) )

    losses beyond your ISP gateway are on the internet and you just need to accept
    that as a fact of life. losses anywhere from your modem to your system are
    yours to be fixed.
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