Belkin wireless adapter and Sky router slows and disconnects

By mike1959
Dec 14, 2009
  1. In October 2009 received Netgear wireless router as part of Sky broadband package. PC is 2004 Packard Bell Desktop, spec P4, 512MB ram, Geforce 2.
    Using a Belkin USB G-Mimo Wireless adaptor, 3003, and Belkins wireless utility software, pc does connect to net fine. During a download of say more than 5MB, it will slow from 200kb/s down to 50kb/s then disconnect from net. If I do nothing, but wait, it will re-connect again in about one minute. I have freshly installed the windows xp home onto a formatted C: drive, all updates are done, no other unusual hardware is used. Windows is activated, there are no other problems.
    Anyone had this happen to them, or might know what might be wrong ?
  2. Ididmyc600

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    In my humble opinion some of the USB sticks are flaky as hell,

    can you try another way of connecting it wirelessly, such as a borrowed PCI card.

    or can you plug the PC in with a cable and see if it still does it.?
  3. tipstir

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    Disable the WZC (wireless zero configuration) if you're using the Belkin Wireless Utility program. Should not be using both programs. Now some systems you have to others you don't. Or just don't use the Belkin Wireless Utility Program and use WZC. Make sure the wireless USB cooling vents are not clog with dust. Also make sure the wireless adapter is not going into sleep mode.
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