Bloomin Case Fan Connection

By Jimbob956
Aug 11, 2004
  1. howdo all. just got my new 80mm antec pro 80mm DBB case fan today. It has been provided with a 3-pin connector & 4-pin adapter with power pass through feature. I have no spare motherboard 3 pin sockets. So where would i connect the 4-pin female connector that comes from the fan. I cant see any leads coming off my antec psu that are 4 pin male. The fan only leads from the psu are not male. Please help folks, I would love help. Thanx a million. :) :) :)
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    Please do not open a new post in a different forum, if you have the same questions already going
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    I have checked my mobo for extra fan connectors, there aren't any. There is one 3-pin socket for the cpu fan, then one 3-pin socket for a case fan. I have an Antec TruePower 480W PSU with tons of spare female molex connectors. Isn't there anyway that this Antec Pro 80mm fan will connect with my configuration. Isn't there some kind of 4pin to 4pin molex cable, that will fit into the fan female adapter then on into the spare psu female molex. It would be so dissapointing if this fan wont be able to run. im very grateful for help. :)
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    Take your soldering iron out (or buy one of these connector-strips) and put a regular 4-pin male molex instead of the 4-pin "antec".
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