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By Zan.exe
Mar 2, 2007
  1. Hello, I ran into a problem while dual booting Windows XP from Vista. so I got eveything set up, then I ran into a problem (it would only boot to XP), searched @, fixed it. now i got ANOTHER problem. I get this error and I'm almost positive I know why: the partition that is supposed to be set as the primary partition, isn't. Here's the error:

    Invalid boot.ini file
    Booting from C:\windows\
    NDETECT failed

    How can I change the active partition if I can't boot up any OS? i have my windows XP setup CD, i used the recovery system and did some command prompts to copy the ntldr file back to my harddrive for the first problem, but what can I do abut this one? Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I did more research waiting for people to post, and I registered windows vista with the boot.ini file. Now the only error is:

    NTDETECT failed

    Both times it would go to the error message then restart...I'll do more research, see if I can fix it. But please, if you have any suggestions please post and save me a few hours of research. ^,^
  2. Zan.exe

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    EDIT AGAIN: never mind people! From the stuff that I learned from researching how to fix this, I found a solution my self: I manually copied the file from my installation cd to my c:\ drive. for anyone else with this prob..

    in the Recovery Center from the installation CD/DVD:

    When prompted, select the partition/hard drive. Enter admin. password.

    type e:\i368

    type copy c:\
  3. surfersaiyan

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    Good for you that you fixed it by yourself! I've got a real car-crash on my hands at the moment but I'm learning a lot!!

    I know you have fixed it already but just in answer to one of your questions:

    "How can I change the active partition if I can't boot up any OS? "

    I used a Linux Live CD (I used BackTrack2) and the program QTParted to unhide and re-activate my unusable windows partition. Worked perfect (till I mucked around with it again).

    You have to boot from the Live CD by pressing F12 or something (every manufacturer is different) and choosing to boot from the optical drive.

    I'm sure you can work it out!

    hoping to give as much as i take.
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