BSOD on startup with Win XP

  1. Hello fng here. I am having a BSOD problem with my PC. When I start it up, it boots to the black startup screen then I get a Stop error (stop: 0x0000007e (0xc000005, 0xba1a1211, 0xba503724, 0xba503420).) Before I finally got the automatic restart turned off, it just looped constantly. I've tried booting from the cd, and doing a repair install, tried booting in safe mode, tried best last know config but nothing has worked so far. I am now running chkdsk /r. Any other ideas? Thanks.
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    You should try doing various searches on this forum such as 'black screen at boot', 'stop 0x0000007e' and so forth. Actually, you might do better to post in that forum, but a mod will probably move it if appropriate.

    Afraid there are 1000's of posts, but patience may be rewarded.....good luck

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