Can IDE work on SATA? How?

By shaggyvixe
Nov 25, 2006
  1. I had a old Gateway PC that I was using cause I couldn't afford anything else well I have 2 IDE HDs on it (a 250 gb and a 80 gb) and 2 days ago my motherboard burnt out (literally) an I was offered a new pc but heres the catch. It has SATA HD plug ins on it. My question is how can I use my IDE hard drives on this new PC? I have a LOT of my music on my 250 gb (220 gigs of music!!!!!) and wanna be able to access it on the new pc.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    you have a few options. Like Dgerandolf said, there are converters. Your next option is a USB to IDE adapter and turn your IDE drive into an external drive.

    However, if you get a motherboard with BOTH IDE and SATA ports, use one type or the other. Windows gets confused when you use IDE and SATA drives at the same time. If you use a converter, this isn't a problem. Windows defaults to IDE during crashes. Some people may never experience an issue, but it is well known to happen.

    In your case, the motherboard will "see" a SATA drive that is really an IDE drive. Of course the speed is significantly slower.

    here's an example of a converter:
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