Cannot ping my 3com router from office

By martie
Jan 20, 2011
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  1. My home network consists of a 3com office connect and 2 PC connecting to it through wireless. In the 3com config, i can see the Internet IP address is but i am not able to ping it from my office network.
    The router actually connects to the socket provided by my building, so i havent really subscribed to any ISP. I don't know if this IP is real and can be accessible from outside. Or the issue is that the router just doens't repsond to my ping. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Codisha

    Codisha TS Member Posts: 66

    it looks like a external ip but it still could be internal only.
    you buildings network could have ping or icmp disabled or disallowed..
    i would assume that there is a router/ switch which distributes network access to everybody, managed by the building.

    did you try an nslookup?

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