Can't access my Ext.HD

By BluSaber
Feb 26, 2014
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  1. You've all prob solved this problem for a thousand other folks...
    I cant access my Ext Hard Drive. It worked fine on my PC first time around. When I took it to my MAC it was read only. I reformatted the EHD so that I would be able to copy files from my MAC. Now I want to transfer some of the data back to my PC but I can no longer access the drive on my PC.

    I've read some threads with related issue.
    Drive shows up in Devices and Printers.
    Drive shows up in Disk Partitions> Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions> but when I right click on the drive, "Change Driver Letter and Paths" option is greyed out.
    Drive does not show up when I go to Start>diskpart>run as administrator>list volumes...

    I know the data is on the drive and my computer somewhat recognizes the drive. But I cannot access to explore, save to , etc. Please help.
  2. Philip Booth

    Philip Booth TS Member

    Try to retrieve the data from the external hard drive with a data recovery software by connecting it to mac and then format the Ext Hard drive before it is connected to your PC.

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