Can't connect to the web but can ping it after XP reinstall

By BoffinHead
Jul 13, 2011
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  1. Personal laptop crashed yesterday - replaced hard drive and performed complete re-install utilizing OEM reinstall discs (ThinkPad T60 - probably my 10th reinstall with same discs)
    a) Tried opening up IE and unable to open any website.- nothing
    b) Performed pings and tracerts - can ping yahoo with no issues
    c) Verified NICs, verified IEEE802 verification - check
    d) Verified LAN connection looking for proxy - changed it to automatic vs. unchecked - no change using either option
    e) Installed Firefox - same result / verified LAN Connectivity / change to automatic and blank - both tests negative
    f) Ran ipconfig - everything resolves correctly -
    g) Ran ipconfig /all - dns servers resolve correctly
    h) Connected 2nd laptop to network, everything works as should
    i) Connected to another network - repeated same process with no joy to internet via either browser.
    j) verified hosts files
    k) turned off firewall - no joy
    l) hard coded ip - no joy
    m) all pings and tracerts all come back as normal - times are good
    n) turned off wireless, hardwired - still no joy and vice versa
    o) left both of them on and connected both of them, still no joy

    Lastly - opened up account on techspot and waived white flag...clueless at this point. Fixin to flatten this puppy but I decided I would see if I could learn something instead. :) Haven't upgraded NIC drivers at present but thought it was something else since the pings are working. Will upgrade after resolving this.

    All help is appreciated and highly encouraged!


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