Can't system restore, can't view system info, can't enter safe mode

By queenzgurl
Apr 8, 2012
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  1. Hello I have Windows 7 starter on my HP Mini Laptop

    Suddenly I cannot:
    enter safe mode
    system restore back to factory settings
    view system information

    I attached how my pc looks when I click on things like firewall, system restore, system information etc.

    Also, I often see corrupt disk notices and there was a notification on my desktop that said my WIndows version was unlicensed or something like that.

    My Windows come up and I can get on the Internet with no problem, but the first thing that made me realize something was wrong was when I kept getting corrupt disk messages. Chrome corrupt disk etc.

    What I have tried: I went to the tech support forum and took care of any malware problems AND I pressed F2 to run all the test and everything passed, hardware etc.

    How could this be fixed?

    Thanks so kindly!

    Queenz Gurl

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  2. Marnomancer

    Marnomancer TS Booster Posts: 723   +51

    Hello there,
    Download and install Advanced SystemCare 5 from IObit/MajorGeeks (free version), (sorry I can't provide any links, I'm on a cell phone) and run a Deep Care.
    Otherwise, just contact the dealer who sold it to you, and tell them about the software counterfeit notif first. There are ways to circumvent this, but I unfortunately can't help you that way. Ask for a replacement, or a refund. Copy all your personal data to a USB Drive or any other storage device, wipe/shred your files from the laptop if you return it. You get the idea.
    Here's what else you can do:
    Right-click on C: Drive>Properties>Tools>Check Now in the Error Checking field.
    Do the same for all drives.
    I'll check Google for problems similar to yours. And their solutions. Meanwhile you do the same.
    Good luck.

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