Check out this portable version of the Xbox One S

By Shawn Knight
Aug 11, 2016
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  1. Ed Zarick is well-known in the console modding community for taking ordinary gaming systems like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One and transforming them into portable “notebooks” complete with displays.

    With Microsoft having recently released a slimmed down version of the Xbox One, Zarick wasted little time in creating an updated version of his own “Xbook.”

    Unlike previous builds, the slim internals of the Xbox One S allowed him to use a smaller 19-inch Samsung TV instead of the usual 22-incher. As you’ll see, the system retains the full functionality of a normal Xbox One S so you can, for example, output the display to a larger television and connect a proper sound system while at home.

    Last year, Zarick created the mother of all portable gaming systems – the PlayBox, featuring both an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4. One has to wonder, with Sony rumored to be launching a slim version of its PS4 in the near future, will we see a revised PlayBox based on slim consoles soon? Or how about a Scorpio / Neo portable combo?

    BTW, Zarick is giving away the Xbook One S featured in the clip above (details are at the end of the video).

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