Modding enthusiast Ed Zarick recently received a request from a customer asking for both a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One to be housed inside a single, portable notebook-style chassis. Not wanting to disappoint, Zarick spent the past month making it happen and the end result is, as you can see, extremely impressive.

As Zarick points out on his blog, he was able to cram everything inside of a 22-inch laptop form factor. The finished product is the same size as the Xbook Duo which is only slightly taller than the original Xbook One.

For those curious, the PS4 sits on the left side of the enclosure while the Xbox One resides on the right. The entire unit requires just one power cable although unfortunately, only one of the two systems can be powered on at any given time.

Zarick wasn't able to get the PS4's capacitive power button to work consistently due to interference from the Xbox One being so close but the good news is that the system turns on perfectly fine using a controller. A few other compromises had to be made as well (the USB ports on the Xbox don't extend to the outside of the case, for example) but all in all, it looks like a solid build.

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