[Closed] A spyware/malware has affected my system

By maqsabre
Sep 25, 2011
  1. a .exe was downloaded by me accidentally few days back (my foolishness) as my friend sent me a link on facebook describing it as a webcam chat app named chat-vibes, and since then it is affecting my pc, the way it was affecting was by showing some banners asking for allowing permision to certain apps or not and not letting me to connect to the internet via browsers, i installed superantispyware and ran a scan detected some trojan.dropper and after removing, i could connect to internet but not for long, soon the same problem persisted, of not able to surf the net via browsers it seems to be loading slowly but doesn't load any web-pages, my dc++ client could connect fine, and as of now i did what is told in the forum (the 6 step guide) the web-pages connect moodily and sometimes do not, also i'm not getting administrative controls for certain actions like uninstalling or moving certain files.
    as i did the 6 step guide, the last one is not working for me the dds.scr file opens in a note pad with some undecipherable text, also it seems .scr is related to autocad,
    thank you for reading my ailment patiently, i'm attaching the 2 logs,
    i'll be grateful for your help, thank you in advance
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    Please don't create multiple topics regarding same issue.

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