Computer Fails to log on

By Tony Felpo
Jun 6, 2016
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  1. Went to log on today, I received a message : "The User Profile Service service failed the log on. User Profile cannot be loaded." I tried to re-boot, no luck. I called my service provider, they said it is the computer.
    (Also, they said I was to download Windows 10?????)
    Equip: Desktop Compaq Presario CQ 5300 Model. Windows 7 Ultimate. 64 bit spi, AMD sempron processor
    LE-1300 4.0 GB Ram. Hard Drive: 320 GB
    Can someone help? Thank you!!!!
  2. Cycloid Torus

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  3. Coodu

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    If it's Windows 7, you could also try an F8 on startup, choose repair my computer, and run a System restore if you've not turned it off - it's on by default on a Windows 7 install.

    Worth trying Safe Mode/Safe Mode with networking to see if you can login there too. If you can, it might be something stopping the login process, a startup application, or malware.

    Good luck!

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