Css sound test error

By manooti
Apr 14, 2008
  1. hi, i was wondering if you guys know a fix to this kind of problem. im using an optical cable from my xfi xgamer to my logitech z5500 speakers, i think its the spdif passthrough. not sure. with hd movies or anythinig in mpc i get 5.1 or dts.. but not for gaming.

    i thought it was my settings so i went into css and enabled snd_digital_surround but nothing. did the test thing and all channels had error but i still got sound out of the front 3 channels. my rear sound isnt working. i tried analog with the razer headset and it worked, but the test section was still full of errors.

    is there any way to get 5.1 with speakers out of this game? i tried eax, svm, anything you can think of except kicking it into obedience. forgot to mention, my digital I/O is grayed out in the settings area.

    here what i got so i dont get yelled at :x
    intel 946gzis ( onboard sound is in ze off position)
    xfi xtremeGamer

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