Cyclic redundancy check

  1. I need to jump on this band wagon. My apologies if this has already been covered but I am in need of HELP.

    I have a WD 2tb hard drive that fails to show up in MY COMPUTER but in Disk management it shows as DISK 1 Unknown - Not initialised. I have tried to initialise but comes up with the reply DATA ERROR - CYCLIC REDUNDANCY CHECK.

    I have removed the hard drive from the WD casing and have now placed it in a docking station (to take away any fault with the WD casing). I have also tried a different number of cables and different USB ports on 3 diff computers all running off Vista.

    When I plug the hard drive in and switch it on, it starts up as normal (if you place your hand on it you can feel it working but no loud sounds to say the hard drive is corrupt.)

    I have tried chkdsk but I dont know what letter the drive is so I can't go any further as it justs checks the C drive. I am not completely savvy with computers but I know a little so ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!!

    I have got about 70-80 gb of photos and video footage of my family that I had stored on this hard drive which I haven't backed up - ok I know school boy error but I was in the middle of putting all my files together that I deleted the back up!!!!

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    You are screwed, drive is toast. Sorry.

    You can try the 'freezer trick' if you are really desperate. Put that drive in the freezer for long enough to get everything super cold. Then take it out and hook it up immediately, you might get lucky and have a few minutes where it will work. I have never had this work, but I have read about it working.... although that was probably 10 years ago.

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