Difference between Athlon & Sempron?

By N-Guy
Jul 8, 2006
  1. I have a 754 socket motherboard sitting around - I got extra parts to get it going except a CPU. I was just curious what the difference between Sempron & Athlon performance wise?

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    semprons are Athlon64s with a smaller L2 cache.

    also, the older socket-754 semprons had the 64 bit instruction set disabled

    you may also get confused because they made semprons for socket-A and socket-754. the socket-A models were just "renamed" full performance AthlonXPs, while the socket-754 models were crippled Athlon64s.

    BTW, there are no "athlons" for socket-754. the "athlon" is an old ~1GHz socket-A processor, the models since the athlon include AthlonXP and Athlon64

    to be honest unless you can get a processor for really cheap, then you may want to consider going socket-939 instead. if you have all the other parts, then you can get a socket939 processer for less the $100 bucks brand new and a mobo for another $60 (instead of spending $150 on a s-754 processor alone which won't perform as well as s-939)... even cheaper on ebay. just something to consider

    good luck :)
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