Ericsson's "Understanding Telecommunications"

By Ai Hate
Nov 17, 2002
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    well, the thing is me and my group is doing a paper on ISDN. and i'm covering the architecture side. the paper is due this friday, and i've covered almost every topic i'm supposed to (i think). but while i'm searching for more info on B-ISDN today, i came across the page on

    it has a lot of info on telecom technologies, and quite in-depth too (probably more than what i'd have to cover in my paper). the page covers:

    PSTN (Public Swtiched Telephone Network)
    N-ISDN (Narrowband ISDN)
    PLMN (Public Land Mobile Networks)
    The Signalling Network
    Frame Relay
    ATM and B-ISDN (Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Broadband ISDN)
    The Internet

    so i think it'd be a good read/resource for anyone who's interested.

    ps. funny i've never searched through Ericsson's page before. i used it as a source for my Bluetooth paper last quarter, but didn't realise it had this page too :confused:

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