Firefox IE explorer and internet problems

By deanlaing12
Jan 11, 2009
  1. I redownlaoded and installed firefox thinking it would fix some problems i had with it, the internet speed has dramatily dropped in the last 2 days...
    Internet eploarer loses with errors sometimes....
    firefox dsent fully load the pages

    it first started after i run a san from trojanremover whih removed some problems in the registry and allot of trojans about system 32....

    After that i couldn't get on the internet at all...

    i had to try for ages to try a system restore but the button that said net dident work (weerd).

    I found a bakup of my registry taken from april last year ad i used that

    it worked but then the internet has dropped in speed and firefo wont fully load..

    I alsoget weerd popups when on firefox, after i install an antipopup addon.. made from mozila..

    So whats went wrong here?

    Any ideas on how to fi this problem?

    Sorry about the spelling, i tyrped fast beause ie ould lose any sec...
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