FLORIDA Weather Report

By Bobbye
Mar 31, 2011
  1. It's been a morning! A large storm system started moving into the state about 6AM this morning. I am in West Central FL and the lightening was impressive and the rain pounded.

    Local cable station has been tracking these storms all morning. The sky has been so dark and the rain so heavy that radar (and some people) couldn't see tornadoes until they were on top of them. ('rain-wrapped tornadoes) We've had 2 major squall lines, more rain to come, my country still on severe thunderstorm alert and on and off tornado warnings.

    Wind speeds in the squall lines averaged 50-70mph> damage reports are just starting to come in. No flights out of Tamp. Intl. People are calling in with reports of high wind, horizontal rains, most of which are thought to have been tornadoes> trees and power lines down, flooding, plane overturned, mobile homes overturned.

    Our warm, sunny weather is to be treasured. But multiple squall lines and tornadoes.

    How is your day going?:cool: (no sunglasses needed today!)
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    Please, complete all steps listed here:
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    Ooooops.....just kidding....LOL
  3. Bobbye

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    Least I set a bad example, I have removed my poor attempt at humor!

    I am pleased to say that the weather has calmed down. And I will add that I have never seen such a front full of squall lines, high winds and tornadoes go over us like today! There are reports of 2 planes being overturned, totally upside down, several semis blown over and the "usual" damage to homes, power outages, flooding et al.
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