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By raalvz
Jul 30, 2005
  1. vga related questions

    hi i was thinking of buying a new vid card but didnt know what brand.
    my setup is :
    asus a8n-e nf4ultra
    ddr 1024 twinmos pc 3200
    amd 3000+ 64 venice
    wich 1 of the next vid cards will perform the best with the setup or doesn't it really make that much of a difference??? :confused: :
    GeForce 6 6600GT 128MB ASUS N6600GT/TD TV DVI Retail
    GeForce 6 6600GT 128MB Gigabyte 6600GT-TDV TV, DVI, Game
    GeForce 6 6600GT 128MB MSI NX6600GT-TD128 TV DVI Retail
    GeForce 6 6600GT 128MB Palit TV DVI Retail
    GeForce 6 6600GT 128MB TD Leadtek TV DVI Retail
    and will i be able to play at full graphics at 1024x... with hl2 , wow and doom 3?
  2. PyRoMaNiAc2287

    PyRoMaNiAc2287 TS Rookie

    It is all pretty much the same card, just a different maker really. It still has the same GPU in it (Geforce 6600 GT). Its just a different maker. You should be able to turn the graphics up pretty high. I just got a Geforce 6600 256MB AGP 8x and i turned up hl2 and cs:source all the way and i average 80fps. If you have the money, id get 256mb video card. Make sure you have the proper slot as well (PCI/AGP/PCI-Express).
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