Hard Disk Problem ! Plz Plz Help me out !

By onm80
Nov 8, 2007
  1. Hello,
    i have a DELL Latitude X1 and its admin password and hard disk password protected, i took this laptop from a university guy and he went back to his country. i tried to open bios password with paper clip method,bios password is unloced and its working and with ASSET.exe add the service tag back on.but now the hard disk is not working even not in bios its says Hard Disk #**35891462T-595B, the system primary HDD, is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access dafa on this hard drive without the correct password.

    Even i disabled the admin and all other bios passwords.

    Service Tag = D4PXL1J-595B
    Hard Disk Model : MK3006GAL
    HDD1442 DZK01
    DP/N PH-0X7747-26402-538-04WP
    S/N 35891462T

    Please help me out, even i dont need the data in this hard disk, just want to clear this password.
    Thanks In Advance. and sorry for my bad english.
  2. Fragrant Coit

    Fragrant Coit TS Guru Posts: 363

    You may have to buy a replacement Hard Drive unless you can contact the old owner. I had the same issue a while ago, and found there was no way of removing the password - it's in the Firmware, and you can't flash it...without the password!
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