Hard drive detected by Windows, does not appear in explorer

By jazikarim
Jul 17, 2010
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  1. HI, i purshased 4 HDD HITACHI sata 320g c5k500 for laptop.
    the problem is when i hook it up to the usb windows detect it and shows that its ready to work. but it does not appear in the explorer neither in hard drive manager .and thats for all of them .
    please can any body help me to resolve this problem thank you.
  2. Kcircyrd

    Kcircyrd TS Rookie Posts: 216

    In which computer is it installed, and what is your operating system?
  3. jazikarim

    jazikarim TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Win xp /dell aspire 7720g
  4. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +183

  5. jazikarim

    jazikarim TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey poeple it appears that the HDD drives are encrypted because i used software called truecrypt so the drive appeard in the soft but could not decrypt it because i dont have the password .
    any body know how to decrypt HDD???

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