help me with my major problem

By Jonathan32183
Jan 15, 2006
  1. Ok noone i know has been able to help me with a problem ive had with my Westell 802.11g wireless adapter and westell service...not even tech support on verizon.... I have a new compaq computer with more then enough specs to use it....the first time i installed it, it worked fine....i recently reinstall windows and now when i install it, it works alright getting me online a such but it blinks in and out like my connection is fading i dont know much about it or why it would do this my brother has the same set up on his computer and it works fine the major problem im havin with it is when i restart my computer its say windows cannot set up a wireless connection and to use the w2z service or w.e and i haveto reinstall it everyday just to get online and its getting so if anyone could help me it would be sooo nice...
  2. Gandalph

    Gandalph TS Rookie

    Go to Control Panel, then Administrative Tools, then Computer Management. Click on the plus sign next to Services and Apllications, then click on Services (all on the left side). Now, on the right side, scroll to the bottom and find Wireless Zero Configuration. Make sure it is set to Automatic and that it is currently started.
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