Help with Hijacker - HJT Log attached

By xltodd
May 26, 2010
  1. Hey gang. I've been working on a WIN XP SP3 pc that had the "Personal Security" malware installed. Seemingly, I've been able to get everything removed after running Adaware AND Malwarebytes scanning software. The only issue I have remaining is the browser hijack. When a URL is clicked that has been stored in FAVORITES, the link works fine and the site loads. Tested on 3 saved links. When a Google or Yahoo search link is clicked, the URL displays (e.g. in the browser title bar, but after a second or two, I'm redirected to a non-related site. Fortunately, none of the sites are "adult" in nature. Any insight to what I need to do in order to clear this up is greatly appreciated. I'm attaching the HJT log. If other info is needed, let me know and I'll gather it and repost to this thread. Thank you!

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