HKDRV driver is absent

By Tylara
Oct 12, 2004
  1. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop. Recentely after booting I received the error message "HKDRV driver is absent". Since then my game stopped working because the sound wouldn't work and I can't play music. I tried reinstalling the sound driver and other drivers and that didn't help. Later I reformatted the hard drive which worked but less than a week later the same error message is back with the same problem. Where do I get this driver? I have checked several driver web sites and none have heard of this driver, neither has microsoft. Any suggestions?
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    From what I have gathered, that is the driver for your CD or DVD-rom. You could try and do a repair using the Recoveryconsole, or if you have XP, do a reinstall-in-place, or do a Restore back to the point when it was still working.
    Backup your data first.
    Alternatively, ask a friend with a similar laptop, to email you that file (with instructions where he found it, probably windows\system32).
    Boot into safe mode and put it back where it belongs.
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    did you succeed in solving this - if U did, any chance of letting me know how


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