"hope" for K8V SE Deluxe WD SATA woes?

By spot
May 3, 2006
  1. ASUS support said plug red secure connect cable in 'top' SATA plug. Download VIA RAID driver 5420, install it at F6 (the only driver you'll need). Go into BIOS and disable Promise controller. This is for single HD, I guess. Seen lots of forums with same problems I've been having. Is there a 5420 VIA RAID driver?, dunno, gonna look for one. Nothing seems to have worked so far. See 'spot'
  2. mailpup

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    Maybe they meant 6420? Anyway, go the Asus download site here. Next select your product at the right. I found a VIA VT6420 SATA/RAID driver.
  3. spot

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    Hope floats - got 'er fixed

    You are right, it is 6420. Found it in the PDF manual. Also put a jumper on the second from left pins of the WD HDD and molex plug. Didn't download the driver after all. All I know is I got XP loaded and all is dandy. Still need to find a driver for the onboard audio. Downloaded new soundmax from ASUS site but it failed to install.
    I read somewhere that a third-party PCI Express controller may help with the incompatibility of the WD SATA HDD and the K8V SE Deluxe setup. Proud of my newbie self, I'm learning. Yep, searching Forums, it's a good thing!
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