How can I remove godaddy from my address bar?

By Glenn J. Goodin
Feb 11, 2005
  1. I went to "godaddy to check out the site. Now whenever I try to type in googlein my address bar, up pops "godaddy"

    How can I get rid of it. I have used 4 different sypware programs and none detect it. I have searched every file and cannot find it. I have reset all of my internet options to default and it is still there.

    I sent a message to godaddy support but have not received an answer.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Open up Notepad.
    Then click on Start/Run and type in regedit and click ok.
    In Regedit click on (top) Edit/Find and type in godaddy, have all 3 'Look at' options ticked, then click Find next. When found, in the left panel, rightclick on the 'open' folder, select Copy Key Name.
    Go to Notepad and press ctrl-V to paste the key.
    Then type the name of the key in the right-panel with godaddy in it in your Notepad file.
    Pressing F3 in Regedit will find the next, etc.

    If you know what the values should be, change them, otherwise safe the Notepad-file as 'godaddy.txt' and attach it in this post. See how to post your xxxx-files.
    We could then help you further.

    Alternatively, run Hijackthis, and attach the HJT-log, saved as 'HJT.txt'.
    See where to get it and how it works.
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