How do you fix program compatibility issues in win 10 pro

  1. I Recently upgrded to windows 10 pro from 7 pro but I keep running into BSOD everytime I install AVG and other antiviruses. Also some programs are not working properly and an annoying notification keeps popping up telling me I am running a particular program in compatibility mode and hence might not work properly !
    I am thinking of downgrading to windows 7 since its more stable..
    Help please anyone ?
  2. bazz2004

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    Make sure that you have all the updates for Windows 10 because there are a lot of them. It's odd that you are having trouble installing AV. Have you tried Bitdefender free or Panda? Only install one AV or they will give you problems and you won't be fully protected. You are spoilt for choice with the availability of good free security programs. I'd uninstall the program giving you the problem of compatibility and reinstall it. I have lots of programs and none that worked in W7 have failed to work in W10. There are likely to be a few though and you may be unlucky in this respect. Windows 10 is really good so don't give up too soon.
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