How to: Convert Emails from Pegasus to Thunderbird format

By RealBlackStuff
Dec 10, 2004
  1. Pegasus understands standard Unix-style mail folders, which is Thunderbird's native format. One method I have successfully used is:

    1) Add a temporary Pegasus mailbox, something like pegasus\tmp or pmail\tmp.
    2) In that mailbox, create as many mail folders as you want, and use Unix Mailbox Format for each of them. Do not use Pegasus format.
    3) Copy your archived Pegasus mail messages into those new mail folders.
    4) After closing Pegasus, move each of those Unix Mailbox Format mailboxes (not the indices, only the mail files: UNX*.MBX) to Thunderbird's Local Folders directory.
    When you start Thunderbird, your newly transferred mail can then be accessed. They will show up as UNX... as well. You will have to rename the folders to something useful.
    Onother easy way is to install Mercury32 (from as an IMAP server (run it on port 144 so the antivirus email scanners don't cause it grief).

    Set up an IMAP account in Thunderbird (specifying port 144),
    open it up and drag and drop from the IMAP server to your Thunderbird inbox.

    Easy. :grinthumb

    Yet another method:

    Found some more info on the web:
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