Installing a new SSD, but stuck

By Vithuson
Dec 7, 2015
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  1. Alright, well my story is a little bit long.
    I had a HDD before, which I installed Windows 7 on, I later on got a 120GB SSD, plugged that into the computer and installed windows 8. When I tried removing the HDD and running purely with the SSD, it didn't work... when I booted up it said that I was missing a device in order to boot up, so I plugged my HDD back in and just let it run with it. My SSD soon got full, so I bought a 250GB SSD, I cloned the 120GB SSD onto the 250GB SSD, then removed my 120GB SSD and it gave me the same boot up error. It said I was missing a device in order to start boot-up.

    I want to move everything from the HDD and 120GB SSD onto the 250GB SSD and run everything off that one SSD, and then move my 120GB SSD over to my laptop.

    Thank you!

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