Internet Slowed Down...HJT log attached

By inflames989
Dec 27, 2005
  1. Hey...lately it seems my internet has been going excessively slow and I am getting way too many "timed out" problems in both firefox and internet explorer. Kerio doesn't show any odd programs eating bandwidth, AVG showed virus free, ewido didn't come up with anything, spybot s&d didn't show up anything, neither did ad-aware or spyware doctor (sheesh thats a lot of programs). Hopefully you can pick something out of the HJT log...

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  2. Tedster

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    damn, you got a lot of crap running on your system. Get mike lin's start up control panel applet and stop some of the stuff auto-booting.
    You're eating WAY too many clock cycles.
  3. inflames989

    inflames989 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    only a few of them are running at start...I just don't know which ones are the right ones to use at start.
  4. niceboy

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