iPad Air 3 rumored to feature four speakers, rear-facing LED flash

By Shawn Knight
Jan 25, 2016
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  1. The rumor mill has been uncharacteristically quiet regarding one of Apple's upcoming products, the third-generation iPad Air. Given the declining state of the tablet market and the fact that it's been well over a year since the arrival of the iPad Air 2, the stalemate isn't without merit.

    Nevertheless, a recent report from French website includes a "leaked" design sketch from a reliable source of what may very well be the iPad Air 3. The drawing suggests the next 9.7-inch iPad will include four speakers, much like the iPad Pro. The image also shows what's likely to be an LED flash to accompany the rear camera.

    Adding two additional speakers for "proper" surround sound is something critics have been requesting for some time. A rear-facing LED flash? Not so much. If accurate, the state of the tablet market may very well be dictating this addition.

    Tablets aren't exactly the go-to device for photographers yet sadly, there are those among us that use tablets as their primary camera. Adding a rear flash and beefing up the camera with optics on par with the latest smartphones could be one way for Apple to battle declining sales.

    Apple's third-generation iPad Air is expected to break cover at a media event scheduled for March, perhaps alongside the rumored iPhone 6c and the second-gen Apple Watch.

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  2. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 1,663   +775

    They make a nice product, but these latest efforts pretty well explain their lagging sales. If this is their best improvement, perhaps the next one could be a 50% price reduction ... that might get sales moving again, but .....

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