Apple is largely expected to unveil a smaller iPhone alongside its second generation Apple Watch in the coming months, perhaps as early as March. Purported images of the iPhone 6c hit the web nearly a year ago, showing a device sporting a plastic shell that looked strikingly similar to 2014's iPhone 5c.

Now just a couple of months before its expected launch, we're getting another look at an alleged 6c courtesy of a video obtained by M.I.C. Gadget.

The device in the clip above looks nothing like the handset we saw a year ago. The plastic chassis has been replaced with an aluminum enclosure with rear antenna lines, curved glass and a protruding rear camera lens. In other words, it mimics the design of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Pieces of paper were placed over certain sections of the phone, no doubt to cover up any identifying marks that could be used to trace it back to its owner.

While the phone certainly looks to be the real deal, it should be approached with a certain level of skepticism. The author didn't power on the device (it may not be a functional sample) and without another phone, ruler or anything else to compare against for scale, we can't accurately gauge its size.

The "standout" feature of the iPhone 6c is its smaller display, expected to measure just four inches diagonally. That's small by today's phablet standards but the reality is, not everyone wants a smartphone with a large display. A smaller phone like the 6c would cater to a crowd that desires a smaller screen but doesn't want to sacrifice performance by using a dated phone or leave Apple's app ecosystem entirely.