Is desktop.ini file a virus?

By dr.emraan
May 4, 2008
  1. hello all
    i m very disturbed about an issue which i m facing from a month and no solution i found for it.i actually got HP Pavillion dv 9000 note book with OS vista n 1.5 GHZ,core II duo system started to perform slowly n i happened to find ,Desktop.ini file.....$rcycle.bin file......n many other unkown files in each drive n folder.....i deleted them and they reappear again......they donot caught by antivirus like Norton internet security....AVG 7.5......or Avast etc......i m stuck up now n performing system recovery....but as i m afraid that all my data which i ve copied on my external hard drive is also carriying same Desktop.ini files so they will again reappear when i will re-copy them......some body told me its famous "redolf virus" n he sent me zip file of its removal but that also could nt find it n after reapeated scan i just dropped the idea that these can be removed by any way..........request u all to help me ....will be great ful
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +9

    Nope. Desktop.ini is a Windows XP system file. It stores information about customized folders.

    Anyone who has customized a display of any folder, perhaps by changing the icon or the way something is displayed, may have enabled Windows to save those settings in a "desktop.ini" file.

    However, viruses have been known to hide there, even change their name to Desktop.Ini.
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