King's Quest Mask of Eternity 8 & XP

Nov 5, 2008
  1. I got this old game because I like simple little puzzlers to pass some time. I loaded it using a modified Win95 mode shortcut on the installer and it fired up nicely.

    However, near the end of the Daventry Town exploration, it would 'lock up' at the beginning of the 'fight' at the Mill (right after the cut-scene video played).

    I searched around, and although some people reported this, and others said they had overcome it, no one said how they got beyond it.

    So, having saved the game just before activating the cut-scene video (just after you get the item that activates the scene), I went into the Options and changed graphics from Direct Draw to Direct3D.

    This gave incredibly jumpy mouse control and video BUT let the game progress. After smiting the enemy with vexatious anger, I saved and restored video to Direct Draw. This requires a reload of the game so be sure to save.
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