Limewire Pro 4.17.5

By adam111291
Jun 22, 2008
  1. My limewire Pro all of a sudden has stop connecting and doesnt find any songs or anything when i type anything in the search bar

    On My User It Says Limewire Has Detected A Firewall, Yet On My Dads User It Connects Straight Away With No Problems.

    I Have Compared Both Firewall Settings On My Anti Virus Software And They Appear To Be The Same On Both Users.

    Please help me

  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Uninstall Limewire Pro
    Re-install Limewire

    Hopefully your firewall kicks in and asks do you want to allow... Yes (although I wouldn't like a file sharing program on my computer)
  3. adam111291

    adam111291 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    I have already tried uninstalling it and reinstalling the program

    It still doesnt work

    I even installed the basic version of Limewire 4.18.3

    And that didnt work so i changed it back to Limewire Pro 4.17.5.

    Any other suggestions on advice on what to do with this problem.

  4. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    Once upon a time, P2P file sharing was fairly safe. That is no longer true. You may continue to use P2P sharing at your own risk; however, please keep in mind that this practice may be the source of malware. see

    Although I don't trust P2P at all - Limewire is one of the least safe sharing programs out there
  5. larryiam

    larryiam TS Rookie Posts: 476

    Well you just have to know how to use it. For limewire only download Music. Ive done it for years and not had problems related to limewire. Now as for the problem. What firewall are you using?
  6. adam111291

    adam111291 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    Larryiam i know i download music all the time and i aint had one virus from it all the time and the firewall im using is the windows firewall i did have mcafee firewall but that was uninstalled due to the subscription running out
  7. larryiam

    larryiam TS Rookie Posts: 476

    thank you. Like i have said you just have to be smart when using limewire. As everyone know if you download applications from limewire then about 99.9% of the time yes you will have a virus but music no. Well as for the problem. Have you made sure that windows firewall is allowing incoming/outgoing connection for limewire?
  8. adam111291

    adam111291 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    Well larryiam i think i have run me through what i have to do to make sure they are allowed for limewire please
  9. larryiam

    larryiam TS Rookie Posts: 476

    ok will be glad to
    control panel
    security center
    manage security settings for: Click windows firewall
    click on the exceptions tab. now look for limewire and make sure the box is ticked.
    If you don't see limewire:
    click add program
    locate limewire and click on it and click ok.
    now locate it in the exceptions tap and make sure its ticked.
    click ok to exit the windows firewall and try limewire.
    Note:when in limewire do you see a firewall next to the world?
    Post back results :)
  10. adam111291

    adam111291 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    right thats limewire is ticked on exceptions tab and when i load up limewire it still has starting connection and has a wall infront of a globe next to it any other ideas are welcome
  11. larryiam

    larryiam TS Rookie Posts: 476

    um is windows firewall the only firewall you have? don't leave it off or forget it but turn off the firewall for a min load limewire and see if it connects. if it works get a better firewall if not try googling frostwire. its just as good as pro. Oh and does your internet work properly? stupid i kno. lol just check
  12. adam111291

    adam111291 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 45

    well i just restarted my computer loaded limewire it now works perfect have perfect connection hmm weird thanks any way do you know what could of caused this by any chance
  13. larryiam

    larryiam TS Rookie Posts: 476

    have no clue but glad its working again!!
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