Little help plz (Laptop Bios Related)

By Monkeycoder
May 21, 2009
  1. Hey guys,
    before you lads shoot me, i have had a search round the net and found a few tools to do the job but i'm not sure if they will be right.

    At work we got 500 odd dell laptops to format and install xp and then sell on to chaps who sell them on again etc.. but quite a few have Admin Passwords on the Bios, now my boss has said to me go find me a software that can remove these passwords.

    i have found 2 pieces of software so far but i was wondering if you guys could either email/message/post me a software that can remove the bios password (admin and primary and hard drive)

    since we do get other laptops come in a universal password removal tool would be great!

    the two i have found:
    wikipedia Cmos Password removal tool
    cgsecurity dot org/wiki/CmosPwd

    DST password removal tool
    download dot centre4service dot com/software1 dot html

    seeing as this is going through the company if you lads know of any bios password removal tools for laptops that i can buy thats just as good or better seeing as boss likes to yell a lot, so i would consider this payback! :D

    Cheers lads and lasses much appreciated.
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