Looking for a good graphics card under $100

By Rockfan1815
Mar 3, 2005
  1. I am looking for a really good graphics card but the highest I will go is $100. I am only 16 and without a job so I can't afford those high end cards. All I need is a card that can play Halo, Need for speed Underground 2, Nascar Thunder 2004, Half Life 2 with all mods, and Call of Duty. To see my system specifications just look at my profile. My only requirement is no less than 128mb and my mother board (mobo, thats funny) supports 4x and 8x. I also want a fairly good Manufacture, good costomer support and all the helpfull stuff. Also you can look at this to see my computer: OO
    It's the canada site, but I got my computer at the US site.
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    definetly a 9600xt or a 5700. i got my 5700 for 75 bucks off newegg and run hl2 with all settings on high with no aa or af at 30 to 150 fps, depending on if im standing still or in the heat of battle. my 5700 also has a tv out and rca inputs so im happy with it.
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