MagicTune and Vista Ultimate 32bit

By ephyou
Nov 28, 2008
  1. Hey all, just registered :D.

    I'm having this weird problem regarding magictune. I'm running an 8800GT with the latest forceware drivers and a 997DF CRT as my monitor. I've installed the latest MagicTune premium driver off of the Samsung website. For some odd reason after installation and clicking on the program it says Initializing.. and the MagicTune logo just dissapears, the menu doesn't show up, yet when I click on my monitor's OSD Buttons i get a osd notification that shows a Stop Sign with a line across it saying MagicBright. So surely magic bright is indeed running, but I can't access it on my desktop or taskbar.

    (For the record all of my hardware is compatible.)

    Any help is appreciated!
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