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By infected1
Oct 25, 2008
  1. Thank you in advance for takin' the time!

    Issue: On the 21st, Desktop was replaced with blue screen bearing the message "Warning: Computer infected with spyware" and a link to some anti-virus site which I never followed. I use FireFox, but my IE began popping up on an anti-virus sales site. A box kept popping up with "Warning: Load library failed for Win Shell 32.dll" and some things I was never able to catch before it disappeared again. Also, Task Manager was (although it shouldn't have been) "disabled by your administrator".

    I followed your 8 step malware guide, and the above has stopped (thank you!). The only oddities at the moment seem to be, upon booting up:

    a) tries to open hpothb07.tif with Windows Pictures and Fax Viewer

    and the appearance of

    b) "You are attempting to open a file of type 'DAT FILE' (.dat)", which has buttons to "open with" and "cancel".

    I'm not sure of the specs of this machine, just that it is a seemingly ancient HP Pavillion running XP. (I'll try and figure out the rest soon.)

    Hope this is thorough enough...
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    I'll update those right now!

    It seems to be all better now, but everything does seem slower than before. Should I keep all the programs I downloaded (Ad-Aware, Ad-Watch (those two were downloaded by the guy trying to fix it before me), CCleaner, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, SuperAntiSpyware free edition) on my machine?

    Thank you for the help!!!
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