My memory voltage reading is in the alarming state..Need advise

By Ray-Z
Dec 20, 2005
  1. Hi,
    I just upgraded my CPU with the P4 3GHz 64-bit processor, MSI motherboard,256MB x 4 DDR400 ram (filling all the 4 slots of dual channel) and the Bigwater SE for the cooling system. The things that remains the same is the prev P4 casing with a 350W of power supply. I also have 6 fans in the casing and also been using the GeForce FX5200 128-bit, 256MB DDR.
    In terms of temperature, guess it's ok. But, when I open my PC, the PC monitor software (Core Cell) always sound the alarm because the memory voltage reaches 2.8~2.9 V.
    I was wondering how come this happens since I didn't change any configurations, I didn't do any overclocking and all the RAM's that I use are with the same clock speed and same voltage which is 2.6V.
    Would really appreciate if any of you erxperts out there to give the advise on this whether the memory voltage does give an impact later on, or is it cause by insufficient power supply or something else...
    Need help....mayday....mayday....
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