My Windows XP DVD drive says "Recovery D:/" no matter what I put in

By Lionsword
Nov 30, 2008
  1. EDIT: Resolved, thanks kimsland.

    Hi, I use Windows XP as my windows system, and my disc drive says "Recovery D:/", and is always empty. It overrides whatever I put in.
    My disc drive works fine outside of windows, I am able to boot a live Kubuntu CD off of it.

    My DVD drive is fairly new, but I have no idea what make or model it is, because the sticker has been lost.
    It has worked fine in the past, I haven't used it in a few weeks, but it won't now.

    Again, Linux Live CD's boot off of it; I don't know if the DVD drive works in an installed linux, as my Kubuntu hard drive is currently down.
    I will update after I try the DVD drive in Kubuntu, but that is going to take a while, considering my Kubuntu hard drive is safely in a case in my car, which my brother borrowed.

    General, probably irrelevant system specs:
    Windows XP Home edition, newish install, recent virus discovery and removal, don't think I had it when the problems started.
    ATi Radeon HD 3650, replaced a Geforce 8400 GS recently, far after the problem.
    1gb DDR Ram, memtested to death, in perfect shape.

    I need this DVD drive working and can't afford a new one, any ideas?

    Edit: Apparently, Recovery has 2 gigs on it in Windows, not nothing. What is up with this?
    Edit: Everything in the drive is in hidden mode, folders have a gold padlock icon, and when I open them some Protected by Pc Angel thing comes up.
    Edit: When I open Administrative tools from the Control panel, the DVD drive shows up as a DVD drive, but has a yellow caution-like symbol on it.
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  3. Lionsword

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    Sweet, it worked, thanks
  4. kimsland

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    Thanks for the update :grinthumb
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