Need a capacitive monitor? How about 82"?

By dividebyzero
Aug 10, 2011
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  1. SIGGRAPH 2011 is under way at present, and Engadget has a hands-on (literally) video of Perceptive Pixel's 82" capacitive monitor (only $120k if you're wondering)

    All >>here<<
  2. lopdog

    lopdog TS Maniac Posts: 295

    I'll take two of those, please. Will my IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator be able to run both with full resolution? :p
  3. Relic

    Relic TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,379   +16

    Looks like we're one step closer to bridging the divide of science fiction to reality :grinthumb .
  4. Atham

    Atham TS Enthusiast Posts: 460

    I am getting one for Christmas. My friend has one and we have a lot of fun with it.

    @ lopdog, it should run at full res. My friend only has that type of Graphics media accelerator. ;)
  5. Mizzou

    Mizzou TS Enthusiast Posts: 823

    Looks like something we could see in the sequel to Avatar, very cool stuff :cool:
  6. Atham

    Atham TS Enthusiast Posts: 460

    Oh yeah it is, Mizzou. :cool:
  7. GeforcerFX

    GeforcerFX TS Evangelist Posts: 494   +126

    Me!!!!!!! Want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Atham

    Atham TS Enthusiast Posts: 460

    Mate, I would like to give it to you but you'd have to pay me at least 118 grand. :D
  9. I think I am in love, though this is going to make porn and chicken impossible!
  10. Atham

    Atham TS Enthusiast Posts: 460

    I don't think so. I think you could handle it. But the big question is........................

    can it run notepad?
  11. DeliciousPie

    DeliciousPie TS Member Posts: 41

    That screenshot immediately made me think of those big, transparent boards in Star Wars that they use to plan attacks on the death star.
  12. Atham

    Atham TS Enthusiast Posts: 460

    So I am no the only one who thought that.

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