Need help reconfiguring Win2003Server NAT router

By VicRic
May 17, 2007
  1. Hi. I have currently a Windows 2003 Server named MERCURY working as a NAT router - here's a diagram that explains better the network setting.


    Right now MERCURY is working as it is supposed to:
    1) JANUS can Ping any other machine on the network and has access to the Internet;
    2) other machines on the network, except MERCURY of course, cannot Ping JANUS (v.g.;
    3) other machines on the network cannot Ping MERCURY's address

    I need your help to change points 2 and 3; I'd like other machines on the network to be able to Ping and

    The current routing settings are best explained in the following pictures.

    Any ideas on what I have to change in the routing setup ?





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